My name is Craig Maher, I am a bladesmith and knife maker.

Kitchen; culinary, fixed and folding knives with a strong Japanese influence, hand forged, rustically elegant bladeware with a focus on usability and longevity. 

Each knife is unique, hand made with high quality materials, no two will ever be exactly the same.

Creativity is key.

Materials where possible are indigenous and locally sourced, either harvested and treated by me or purchased from local suppliers.

Blade steels can be simple carbon steels, high quality stainless steel or beautiful damascus and san mai steels.

My Story

People always ask "How did you start making knives?"

Well, I was introduced to knives by my Uncle from a young age. He took my cousin and I hunting and camping regularly as we grew up. He actually bought me my first knife, I still have that same pocket knife nearly 40 years later! High School introduced me to wood and metal technology and I loved it. Since that time I have had a constant love of tools, woodwork and metal work.

I also have a very strong interest in Japanese arts, culture and cooking.

About 9 years ago while searching the internet for a particular type of knife, I stumbled across a forum dedicated to knives and knife making. To me, this was perfect, it rolled all my major interests into one potential new and exciting hobby. My head was swimming with ideas....

From there I quickly designed and made my (very crude) first knife, I was hooked!

Since then, I have been constantly learning, practicing and pushing myself to make better and better knives.